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How It Began…


It all started…

In 1959 when patron of the arts Jane Wallach, her nephew "Mac" Dixon, Flo Rand, Ruth-Ann Flanagan, Princess Dorothy Carociolo and Christel Mitchell started the Nantucket Musical Arts Society (NMAS).  Their goal was to bring live concerts to Nantucket as a way to fund the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket.

After retiring as Chair of Chicago’s Board of Trade, Mitchell’s husband Leeds, a musician, had two pianos on Nantucket Island.  Both pianos were kept busy in the summer with almost daily visits from pianists, singers or string players.  Music at the Mitchell’s House eventually became the NMAS. Leeds was also a distant relative of famed astronomer Maria Mitchell, for whom Nantucket’s Maria Mitchell Association is named.

This group met during the off-season to discuss future concerts and decide which guest artists might speak.  These meetings became our informal Meet the Artists series, where the public can hear a little music and ask questions of the artists in a casual setting.

One of Leeds’ pianos, a Steinway B was given to the Society and is still used in concerts today at the First Congregational Church at 62 Centre street.

Many artists have appeared on the Concert Series over the years, some more than once.

Be a part of the continuing history of the Nantucket Musical Arts Society as it begins its 61st Season in 2019.